She’s Had This Weird Lump On Her Back For Years, But When The Doctor Cuts Into It…

There are people who have had lumps for years, and had not known what was going on in the lumps, until doctors cut into them…

Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Pooper, is a well-known dermatologist, and as one, she is used to seeing pimples. However, she was shocked when an older woman came to her office one day and showed her a gigantic pimple on her back.

At first, Dr. Lee thought that the thing on the woman’s back was a blackhead. But it turned out to be epidermoid cyst. The epidermoid cyst is also known as keratin cyst and it grows out of the ectodermal tissue. The cyst has round shape and it looked like blackhead. It was benign, flat cyst.

There’s usually a little sack around the epidermoid cyst, so she needed to make sure to get it all of it out, otherwise it could come back

The patient had that cyst for about three years, it was slowly growing and developing to a stage that it was dangerous and dreadful by appearance.

The sack didn’t come out very easily, there was a lot of fragments that took time to get them all out, but luckily, nothing was complicated and the doctor remove the cyst successfully.

After the treatment, the hole was sewed up and it was good as new. There was probably a scar because all of the incision, but after time it will be healed and there won’t be any signs of that dreadful occurrence.

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